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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1) What is your website all about?

A1) Schoolling is an initiative, which enables the parents to apply to multiple schools by filling a single online application form. With the majority of parents falling into working class these days, they have to manage their leaves at work in order to visit the schools to collect/submit forms. Keeping all this in mind, we provide a platform for parents to complete the application process along with online submissions & timely updates on important dates & documentation, all without visiting the school for registrations. In any case we do not confirm school admission of the child.

Q2) Can I sign up to the website through social media?

A2) Yes. Users can register as a Parent & a School. If you are a parent, you can signup/login through a Google+, LinkedIn account or manually through an Email ID. If you are a school then you can login only through the Username & Password provided by us.

Q3) Can we use the same login for multiple applicants? What about twin children?

A3) No. One Email ID/Google+/LinkedIn account can be used only for one applicant. Parents must create a different account for a new applicant and for twins.

Q4) I have forgotten my password. How can I reset?

A4) If you had signed up manually through an email ID, then you can click on the ‘Login’ button available on the header/footer of the website. Then click on ‘Forgot Password’ & enter the Email ID through which you signed up. The password would then be sent to that Email ID. In case of an emergency, you can drop us an Email to or contact us on +91-98111 31531.

Q5) How can i change my password?

A5) You can change your password by Logging in to the website and clicking on ‘Profile’ on the header. Under Profile, select ‘Fill Admission Form’. On the top right side of the page, you would see a ‘Settings’ button. Click on that & choose the first option ‘Change Password’ from the menu.

Q6) How can I contact you guys for support?

A6) You can reach out to us via email: or via our helpline number: +91-98111 31531. You can also find the contact details along with our social media channels in the footer of the website. We also provide a Chat Window on every page of the website, where we have dedicated chat executives to resolve your issues.


Q1) Where can I find all the updates on Delhi School Admissions?

A1) We run a blogging channel managed by our admission experts where we try to cover all the possible admission scenarios & latest updates. Link to our blog is available on the header & the footer of our website. You can also directly navigate to the blog through:

Q2) How can I find schools in my location?

A2) You can search for your preferred location of schools through 3 ways. 1st way is to use the drop down on the left side of the search bar (See 1st screenshot below). 2nd way is to go to the ‘Apply To Schools’ page (Link available on the header of the website) and choose the location filters on the left side of the page which opens (See 2nd screenshot below). The last way is to choose the schools in a particular area on the footer of the website (See 3rd screenshot below)

Q3) I can see only Delhi schools on the website?

A3) Currently, we cater to schools only in Delhi. We would soon be expanding our operations to the nearby cities.

Q4) Where can I find details about schools like their Fee structure, Rating, Address & Gender?

A4) All the above information can be found once you click on the ‘Apply To Schools’ link available on the header & footer of the website. The page which opens up, lists all the 800+ schools with details like School Name, Rating, Address, Annual Fee Structure, Registration Fee & Logo. You can also search for a particular school’s details by manually searching the school in the search bar available on the home page & on the header of the website.

Q5) Where can I find all the school related updates like admission criteria for 2019-20, total seats, important dates for first list, waiting list & draw of lots?

A5) All the information can be found by clicking on the ‘i’ button inside the school box on the ‘Apply To Schools’ Page. We try our best to keep updating the latest information of the school & make it available to you through this button.

Q6) What are the Filters & Sort By for?

A6) You can use 2 filters: Region & Gender to filter schools basis your preferred location like North Delhi, South Delhi etc. or basis the school type, whether it is an Only Boys schools, Only Girls or a Co-Educational School. Sort By can be used to sort schools basis Name (Alphabetically), Rating (Decreasing Order) & School Fee (Increasing Order).

Q7) What does ‘Registration Closed’ mean? When would you start the registrations?

A7) Different cities of India have different admission seasons. In Delhi, admissions start in the month of December and finish by March end. We provide a facility of pre-apply where a parent can apply to their desired schools and fill the common admission form before the actual start date of the admissions to avoid last minute rush. Once we open registrations, the option of ‘Registration Closed’ changes to ‘Add To Cart’. However, the processing of admission forms from the schools will commence only after the guidelines are released by the D.O.E.

Q8) Where are all the legal policies like Privacy Policy, Terms & Service Conditions etc. mentioned on the website?

A8) You can find all these policies on the footer of the website. You can also find the links in ‘Settings’ which could be found once you login into the website, click on ‘Profile’ on the header of the website & then click on ‘Settings’ in the User Dashboard.

Q9) How can we rate your website?

A9) You can rate us on Google by simply clicking on the link available in the footer of the website or under ‘Settings’ available in your ‘Profile’ once you login. Find the link here: You may also rate us on our social media channels like Facebook Page or follow us on other social media pages, links to which could be found in the footer of the website.


Q1) How much do you charge? What is the registration fee written inside the school box?

A1) We charge from Rs.24 to Rs.999 per school depending on our tie-up with that particular school. The registration fee written inside the school box is the total service fee we charge, which includes Registration Form cost, Form collection, Filling, Arrangement of Documents, Parents’ Signatures & Submission to the school. As per DOE's mandate, a school cannot charge more than Rs.25 (Brochure non mandatory) for a single registration form. We help parents in selecting, filling and submitting forms to various schools & hence we charge a service fee on this registration form.

Q2) What is the difference between the Registration Fee & School Fee?

A2) The school fee is the total annual fee charged by the schools post admission. The registration fee is the fees charged by us as a service charge to parents for helping them apply to multiple schools by filling just a single admission form.

Q3) How to add schools in cart & checkout?

A3) There’s an ‘Add To Cart’ option available under the schools whose registrations are open. Keep adding the schools you wish to apply to by clicking on ‘Add To Cart’. Upon final selection, either click on ‘Checkout’ at the top the page or click on the Cart icon available in the header of the website.

Q4) In the cart, what is the difference between Cart Subtotal & Cart Total? Are there any discounts that you offer?

A4) Yes, If you apply to more than 10 schools in a single order, we offer a discount of flat 10% on the order. The cart Subtotal is the amount before Discount & in case of a discount, the Cart Total becomes the amount post discount.

Q5) Can we delete schools after adding them in the cart? Can we re-add them if deleted?

A5) Yes, you can delete the schools through the bin option available inside the school box in the ‘Cart’. You can re-add these schools by following the same process as explained in Q3). Note: Once you make the payment, you shall not be able to delete the schools from your cart. In case of an emergency, you can drop us an Email to or contact us on +91-98111 31531.

Q6) Even after I make the payment of a school, the school is still available as an option to be added in the cart on Apply To Schools page. How can I know which schools I have already applied to?

A6) Once you place a successful order on the website, you can access the Common Admission Form & Track Your Application in ‘Profile’ (Button available on the header of the website after Login). Under Track Application, you can see the list of all the schools you had applied to along with their status.

Q7) What is this pop-up of ‘Terms Of Service Agreement’ on clicking on ‘Proceed’ in the ‘Cart’?

A7) You need to acknowledge these conditions before proceeding to payment. Kindly read them carefully.

Q8) How to make the Payment? Which payment gateway are you using?

A8) On acknowledging the above terms of service agreement & clicking on Proceed, you would be directed to a page where you need to fill basic details like Name, Address, Mobile & Email. On saving these details, you would be redirected to the PayUMoney Payment Gateway. You can pay using a Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI & Mobile Wallets.

Q9) What message do we get on successful payment & what to do after that?

A9) On making the payment successfully, the following message shows up on your screen. You are now eligible to fill the common admission form. Note: You don’t need to fill the form again if you have already done that. You can take a note of the Transaction ID available on this page for future references.

Q10) Is the registration money refundable once we make the payment?

A10) The Registration fee is strictly non refundable unless there is a discrepancy from our end. Post inspection of a return, we will send you an email to notify whether we have approved or rejected your request. If your request is approved, your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or the original method of payment, within 5-7 working days. It is important for you to understand that some amount (i.e. processing charges) may be deducted from the refund provided.


Q1) After cart payment at, In what span of time do parents need to fill the admission form?

A1) Parent will have to submit the common admission form within 3 days (72 hours) of the first successful cart payment.

Q2) Is filling the form mandatory after making payment?

A2) Yes. Without a complete admission form, we would not be able to process your application, and neither will schools.

Q3) Do I need to fill different forms for different schools?

A3) No. If you are applying through us, you just need to fill up a single application form, even for multiple schools.

Q4) We belong to the EWS/DG category? Are we eligible to fill this form?

A4) No. We are only providing services for the General category. In regards to the EWS/DG category, the Govt. of Delhi already has measures in place to assist parents during the admission process of a child. We request you refer to the same. (

Q5) Do we have to stand in queues for form collection & submission?

A5) No, you just need to fill up 1 single admission form & upload documents on our website. We will handle the complete registration process. But if schools call you for any specific purpose or for admissions, you need to visit the school.

Q6) How do I fill the common admission form after payment?

A6) A user is eligible to fill the admission form only if he has made at least 1 successful payment on the website. Once you login to the website, the login button changes into a ‘Profile’ button. Under profile you can see 2 drop downs: Fill Admission Form & Logout. On clicking ‘Fill Admission Form’, you would be directed to the Dashboard where you can Fill the Common Admission Form & Track Your Application post filling the form. Note: The links to the common admission form & Track Application would be active only once you have made at least 1 successful payment on the website.


Q7) What if I made a payment but did not fill the form?

A7) The schools would be able to see only those forms which are complete. For the schools which are not in direct partnership with us, we would be able to process only complete applications. You need to finish the form completely.


Q1) Where can I see a sample admission form?

A1) The sample admission form is available in the user dashboard/profile. Just above your profile picture, there is a running banner, which contains the link to a sample admission form.

Q2) Is the Schoolling common admission form similar to the school admission form?

A2) Yes. The Schoolling common admission form is very similar to the school forms. We have tried our best to cover all the fields which the schools ask in their form.

Q3) How many pages does your form have?

A3) Our common admission form has 6 pages: Address Details, Child Details, Father Details, Mother Details, Sibling Details & Document Upload.

Q4) Why can't I fill the form or track my application in the dashboard? Why is the color of Fill form &Track Application gray?

A4) You need to make at least 1 successful payment to be able to fill the form & track your application. Once you do that, these links will automatically become active.

Q5) Where can I find an exhaustive list of all the documents, Affidavits & other necessary documents required?

A5) You can find all the sample documents, affidavits along with their formats in ‘Profile’. You need to signup on the website & then click on the ‘Profile’ button available on the header of the website. The documents required & affidavits could be found on the link ‘Documents Required’ available right below the profile picture. You can find the documents list here as well:

Q6) Can we upload multiple files in 1 document type?

A6) Yes, you can upload multiple files in 1 document type. You can use this feature to upload the front & back side of Aadhar Card or any other document for that matter.

Q7) Do we need to self attest the documents before uploading?

A7) Yes

Q8) We don’t have the document right now but are arranging it. Can we fill some pages of the form and later upload documents.

A8) All the pages get saved in the dashboard as you keep completing them. You can save the first 5 pages and upload the documents later. But you must complete the form within 72 hours (3 days) of the first payment.

Q9) What is the importance of documents? Is it okay if we upload a document with false information?

A9) No. Documents submitted should not be expired in any way i.e. Documents should be up to date. Rendering false and/or misleading information or documents are subject to disqualification of admission/education from schools. All information entered must be correct. All spellings should correspond to documents provided, as no change shall be entertained once entries have been made.


Q1) I made a mistake while entering details in the form. How can I correct it? I am not able to edit the form post submission.

A1) You cannot make changes in the form, once submitted. It opens in a read only mode. In case of an emergency, you can drop us an Email to or contact us on +91-98111 31531 within 2 hours of common admission form submission.

Q2) What if we submit a form here and submit it again in the school or we submit here twice?

A2) Any sort of double registration (through Schoolling or otherwise) / rendering false information on the part of the users will be subject to immediate cancellation from the school.

Q3) If I apply today to some schools & fill the form within 3 days. After a couple of days I apply to more schools. Do I need to fill the form again?

A3) No

Q4) I have submitted the form through your website, how will I know if the school has received it or not? Can I track my application?

A4) You can live track the status of your application in your User Dashboard/Profile. Post login, click on ‘Profile’ on the header of the website & then click on ‘Track Here’. The tracking of application is basis the following parameters: Parent’s Signature, Submission To School, Receipt From School (If any).

Q5) Is our job done post payment & submission of the common admission form?

A5) Yes for the matter of registrations, your job is done & we make it our responsibility to forward your application to the schools you have applied through our website. Although, Users are obligated to comply with the process of Schoolling as the team might connect with them via phone, email or SMS for processing related queries. Parents must also visit the school if called or during admissions for draw of lots, final admissions.

Q6) Do I need to submit the printout of the form to the school? Do I need to submit photographs or documents to the school?

A6) No, you can just keep this for your records. No submission is required after this. You need to visit the school only at the time of admissions, if selected or called by the school. When the schools call you for admission, you need to carry these documents in original to the school to match the data that you have submitted.

Q7) What is AP ID? What is its significance? What reference should I give to the school in case of discrepancy?

A7) AP ID is the short form of Application ID, which is unique for every parent. You can find the Application ID (AP ID) in Track Application in User Dashboard/ Profile. The schools, which are in partnership with us, accept this AP ID as a reference number. For other schools, we would be emailing you the Reference Number post submission of your form in the school. We would also courier you the registration slip, which the school issues on submission of a form. The AP ID is generated as soon as you place the first successful order on the website.

Q8) Will we get sure shot admission if we apply through you?

A8) Our services do not guarantee admission. We act as an admission facilitator between the schools & the parents. If selected, the child's parents must adhere to the rules of admission of the schools that they have applied to.

Q9) What if we have followed all the process but later school rejects the application because the child age did not fall into the desired age groups accepted by the schools?

A9) If the Directorate Of Education (DOE) has a strict policy around a particular admission criterion then it has to be the child’s age & there is a relaxation of not even a day. For admission to the Private Unaided schools of Delhi, the age of the applicant is calculated as on 31 March of the year in which admission is sought.
General Category:
For Nursery/Pre-School: Between 3Yrs-4Yrs
For KG/Pre-Primary: Between 4Yrs-5Yrs
For Class 1: Between 5Yrs-6Yrs

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