How To Apply To Schools On Schoolling


How to Apply to Schools on

1. Signup/Login

1.1 Click on the Login button available on the header to sign up or login to the website. It is also available in the footer of the website.

1.2 A User login pop-up comes on the screen. If you are signing up for the first time, you can either do that using a Google+/Linkedin Account or you can sign up manually by clicking on the Signup Now button available at the bottom of this pop-up. Enter a valid Email ID & set your password. One Email ID/Google+/LinkedIn account can be used only for one applicant. Parents must create a different account for a new applicant and for twins.

2. Add Schools To Cart

2.1 In 1 simple step, you have now successfully created your account on Whenever you are visiting the website next, you can simply log in through the social media accounts (Google+/Linkedin) or enter the Email ID & Password set by you at the time of manual sign up. Now you must shortlist your schools & add them to the cart. Click on the Apply To Schools button available on the header & footer of the website to see a complete list of schools. You can manually search the schools as well using the search bars.

2.2 On this page you can see a list of all the schools listed on our website. You can use the Filters of Location, Gender & Sort schools basis Name, Fee & Rating to shortlist your schools. You can also see a school’s Rating, Address & Annual Fee structure written inside the school box to get a clear picture about the schools you are applying to. You can check school-specific documents like Point System, Admission Timelines by clicking on the i button inside every school box.

2.3 After you have shortlisted your schools, you can simply click on Add To Cart option available inside every school. As & when you add schools, a Cart Subtotal displays on the top of the screen.

2.4 Checkout from the cart by either clicking on Checkout or by clicking on the Cart button available on header of the website.

3. Payment

3.1 As soon as you checkout from the apply to schools page, you can see a list of all the schools you have added to cart. You can delete schools by clicking on the Bin button inside the school box & add them again (if you wish to) by following the procedure mentioned in Point 2. The page also displays the total billable amount along with discounts (If applicable)

3.2 Click on Proceed button written beside the Cart Total.

3.3 A pop-up comes on the screen. Read the Terms Of Service Agreement carefully. Check the box I have acknowledged & accepted all the above conditions before making payment to Schoolling & click on Proceed.

3.4 On acknowledging the above terms of service agreement, you would be directed to a page where you need to fill basic details like Name, Address, Mobile & Email.

3.5 On saving these details, you would be redirected to the PayUMoney Payment Gateway. You can pay using a Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI & Mobile Wallets.

3.6 On making the payment successfully, the following message shows up on your screen. You are now eligible to fill the common admission form. Click on Dashboard to fill up the form. Note: You don’t need to fill the form again if you have already done that (When you have placed an order earlier as well). You can take a note of the Transaction ID available on this page for future references.

4. Fill Common Admission Form

4.1 Parent will have to submit the common admission form within 3 days (72 hours) of the first successful cart payment. You just need to fill up a single application form, even for multiple schools. Go to the Dashboard by clicking on Profile → Fill Admission Form available on the header of the website (Once you login).

4.2 You are now redirected to the Dashboard where you can Fill the Common Admission Form, see the list of Documents Required & Track Your Application post submission of form.

4.3 Click on Fill Form For Schools.

4.4 You would now be redirected to a 6 Page Admission form wherein you need to submit the details about the Child, Address, Father, Mother, Siblings & finally Upload Documents.

4.5 On Submission of the form, the following pop-up comes: Your response has been recorded. Please sit back & relax. We would be keeping you updated post submission of your form(s) to schools. In case of any changes in the form, kindly drop an email to within 2 hours of submission.

5. Track Your Application

5.1 Once you have submitted the application here, you don’t need to submit the form or any documents to the schools again. Our team will take care of that. Parents must visit the school if called by the schools or during admissions for draw of lots, final admissions.

5.2 You can live track the status of your application in your User Dashboard/Profile. Post login, click on Profile on the header of the website & then click on Track Here. The tracking of application is basis the following parameters: Parent’s Signature, Submission To School, Receipt From School (If any). AP ID is the short form of Application ID, which is unique for every parent. The schools, which are in partnership with us, accept this AP ID as a reference number. For other schools, we would be emailing you the Reference Number post submission of your form in the school. We would also courier you the registration slip, which the school issues on submission of a form.

5.3 As and when there is a progress in your application, the red status above would start turning green & you can live track.

Note: Our services do not guarantee admission. We act as an admission facilitator between the schools & the parents. If selected, the child's parents must adhere to the rules of admission of the schools that they have applied to.

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How To Apply To Schools